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Shortly afterwards, a portion of Earth's magnetic field briefly shifted deep beneath northern South America.

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Over the last few years, the erratic behavior continued. Most recently, Magnetic North migrated rapidly into Siberia. According to a recent report by Nature, scientists realized the model was in serious trouble early last year. In December, NOAA issued a partial update to patch up the most glaring errors, but the model remains inaccurate. The forthcoming update is desperately needed.

Can You Guess What Caused This Giant Crack in the Earth's Surface?

Scientists think the magnetic field's erratic behavior is explained by changes in the flow of iron inside Earth's outer core. But it's also possible Earth's magnetic poles are on the verge of reversing.

The planet's magnetic poles flip every , to , years, but an attempted flip 40, years ago failed. Earth's poles haven't flipped in nearly , years.

In other words, they're due. Though powered by the swirl of iron and nickel in Earth's molten core, a variety of factors can influence the planet's magnetic field. If you already have an account please use the link below to sign in. If you have any problems with your access or would like to request an individual access account please contact our customer service team.

Email: customerservices incisivemedia. The movement of the Earth's magnetic poles have become so unreliable that they can no longer be trusted for navigation. The new Model had been planned for release in mid-January, but had to be put back due to the US government shutdown. Earth's magnetic field is generated by the constant swirling of molten iron in the Earth's core. This uninterrupted motion of molten iron creates a complex pattern of magnetism, which is very difficult for scientists to accurately predict.

The WMM is usually updated every five years.

Michigan Glacial Erratic Earth Caches

It was last updated in , and the next release was scheduled for According to scientists, past estimates of the magnetic poles are now no longer accurate enough for precise navigation. According to scientists, Earth's magnetic poles have the tendency to move slightly over the course of time, and can shift several kilometres in a single year.

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However, scientists have found that this rate of movement has become increasingly inconsistent in recent years, and they have no idea why is it happening. The shifting of Earth's magnetic poles causes a problem for some consumer electronics products and compasses in smartphones. Ships and airplanes also rely on magnetic north as backup navigation. The first measurement of Earth's magnetic north pole was completed in At that time, the magnetic north was located in the Canadian Arctic.

Since then, it has shifted about 2, kilometres toward Siberia.

All About Glaciers

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