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Owned by Sir Thomas Vandeleur, his wife tries to sell it to pay her debts. But the diamond is stolen and then falls into the hands of various people who are all corrupted by its great beauty and value. Follow the diamond as it travels from London to Edinburgh to Paris and find out what happens to it…. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Sign Up. Derivatives include bagel , buxom , and bog. Derivatives include blaze 3 , flatus , and flavor. Derivatives include breach , fraction , frail 1 , infringe , and suffrage.

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To boil, bubble, effervesce, burn; with derivatives referring to cooking and brewing. Derivatives include brew , bread , broth , brood , breed , ferment , and fervent. As a very archaic word for a spring. Possibly in the sense of a beam of wood, and perhaps a log bridge. Derivatives include democracy , epidemic , demon , and time.

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Derivatives include teach , toe , addict , preach , judge , revenge , and disk. Derivatives include decent , paradox , and disdain. Derivatives include ten , December , decimate , dean , hundred , century , and hecatomb. Derivatives include linger , Lent , longitude , and lunge. Perhaps Greek dolos , ruse, snare dolerite , sedulous. Derivatives include dome , domestic , and timber. To be firm, solid, steadfast; hence specialized senses "wood," "tree," and derivatives referring to objects made of wood.

Des Rajahs Diamant -

Derivatives include tree , trust , betroth , endure , and druid. Derivatives include embellish , and dynamite. Long in duration. Derivatives include wanton , team , duke , subdue , and educate. Derivatives include deed , doom , fashion , defeat , feckless , sacrifice , satisfy , face , and synthesis. Derivatives include female , fawn 2 , fetus , fennel , and affiliate. Derivatives include dairy , lady , dough , and paradise. Derivatives include infirmary , and throne.

Derivatives include feast , fanatic , atheism , and enthusiasm. Deep, hollow. Probably related to dheu- 2 , "to die. Derivatives include bridegroom , chameleon , and homicide. Derivatives include dreary , and drowse. Derivatives include forest , and foreign. European root found in Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and possibly Latin. Derivatives include betray , surrender , vend , dose , and antidote.

Derivative of deu- 1. Derivatives include twilight , biscuit , between , combine , diploma , and doubt. Derivatives include Tuesday , divine , jovial , Jupiter , diary , dismal , journey , and psychedelic. Samoyed , from Russian -ed , eater. Nominative form of the personal pronoun of the first person singular. For oblique forms see me- 1. Derivatives include strange , and extreme.

Derivatives include ambition , perish , sudden , transit , ion , initial , janitor , and January. Derivatives include inner , entrails , industry , and dysentery.

Der Diamant des Radschas

Near, at, against. Derivatives include yes , soothe , sin 1 , essence , absent , and proud. Originally suffixed form of es-. Derivatives include chill , jelly , and glacier. Derivatives include comb , unkempt , and gem.

To give birth, beget; with derivatives referring to aspects and results of procreation and to familial and tribal groups. Derivatives include kin , king , jaunty , genius , pregnant 1 , gingerly , and nature. Derivatives include carve , crawl 1 , and program. Derivatives include crack , cranberry , and pedigree.

Words meaning "to cry hoarsely"; also words denoting the crow. Words denoting a crane. To give or receive. Derivatives include give , able , malady , prohibit , duty , and endeavor. Derivatives include heir , and gait. Derivatives include gold , arsenic , melancholy , Hare Krishna , gleam , glimpse , and glide. Words denoting colors. Words denoting gold. Words denoting bile. A range of Germanic words where no preforms are given, the words are late creations. To seize, take. Derivatives include get , guess , prison , comprehend , surprise , and prey. Derivatives include orchard , kindergarten , courteous , choir , and choral.

Derivatives include gut , funnel , fusion , and refund. Expressive root, found only in Tocharian in the literal meaning and Germanic. Derivatives include clever , and hieroglyphic. Derivatives include know , cunning , uncouth , ignore , noble , diagnosis , and narrate. To go, come. Derivatives include welcome , adventure , souvenir , acrobat , and diabetes. Derivatives include quick , vivid , vitamin , whiskey , amphibious , microbe , and hygiene. To throw, reach, with further meaning to pierce. Derivatives include devil , emblem , metabolism , parliament , problem , symbol , ballet , and kill.

Words denoting to pierce.

Faber, Ulricus

Derivatives include grave 2 , grief , aggravate , baritone , guru , brute , and blitzkrieg. Derivatives include bane , fence , and offend. Derivatives include brand , brandy , forceps , and fornicate. Derivatives include cow 1 , beef , bugle 1 , and butter. Derivatives include yonder , identity , and item. Caelum , ceil , sallet , from Latin caelum? To defecate. Root imitative of glottal closure during defecation.

To shine. Derivatives include have , heavy , cable , captive , deceive , capsule , and chassis.